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The SRP #ChooseSustainableRice campaign aims to promote pubIic awareness of the positive economic, environmental and social impacts and benefits of sustainable rice production and consumption using augmented reality (AR) advertising on social media.

What is Augmented Reality (AR) advertising?

AR ads are dynamic and interactive digital content to create emotional connection with a product or a cause to increase brand awareness.

How does the campaign work?

In partnership with MeshMinds, SRP launched the following activities via Facebook and Instagram:

1. Thank You card - enables SRP members and general users to create a digital 'Thank You' card, which can be customized by user's own image of choice (i.e. user, project partners, staff, participating farmers. etc.). Users may supplement the Thank You card with their own messages of thanks highlighting direct experiences in implementing sustainable rice production practices.

2. Rice Mascot filters - designed to attract youth and online communities to participate and learn about sustainable rice. The rice mascots each represent and symbolize key outcomes such as increased farm incomes, water savings, lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions and better-protected farmers' health. Social media users can express their messages of support for rice growers, governments, local businesses, donors and communities for their role in promoting sustainable rice production.


Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome take part in the campaign by conveying messages of thanks and support to rice stakeholders using the Thank You card and Mascot filters.


How can SRP members participate?

All members and partners are welcome to get involved.


1. Follow our official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram;

2. Feature the Thank You card and Mascot filters on your corporate accounts together with your messages of thanks and support. Remember to include #ChooseSustainableRice hashtag in your posts.

3. Encourage your staff members, colleagues and partners to do the same!

4. Request a customized and co-branded Thank you card. Contact us to find out how.

Who can we contact for more information?

Please contact Lea Las Piñas at to learn how you can get involved.


#ChooseSustainableRice campaign aims to promote public awareness of the positive economic, environmental and social impacts of sustainable rice.


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